50 Awesome Animal Tattoos Design and Ideas

Animal tattoos are the most popular tattoo designs among people of all ages, genders, and lifestyles.Since the beginning of the existence, humanity has been strongly associated with nature and its creatures.

Roughly speaking, we are also a part of the animal world, and our lives and the lives of our four-legged friends are strongly influenced by inner instincts.

So it’s no wonder that such a connection influenced tattoo art. Since time immemorial our ancestors graced their bodies with animal pictures, which were very often deeply symbolic and metaphysical.

The meanings of animal tattoos can be exceptionally diverse. For many people, covering their skin with a tattoo is a way to tell the world about their worldview and passions.

They choose, for example, a character of this or that representative of the animal world with whom they associate themselves (depending on their mood, appearance or habits)

Sometimes this similarity does not seem to be obvious, as the choices often represent the qualities that people want. This can be considered as a spiritual growth expressed through a tattoo. In addition, a skilled master can transform a common image into a true aesthetic masterpiece.

This type of tattoo has lasting and increasing relevance, so do not worry about it losing its popularity.

Therefore, if you dream of an animal tattoo picture on your body, think deeply of the meaning and symbolism of this tattoo. We’re happy to help you figure out which creature suits you perfectly.

In this gallery, we will see different drawings of animal tattoos in various parts of the body.

1.This bird-shaped tattoo design, for example, is made with beautiful shapes and patterns (a heart inside, for example, an intense and fantastic blue).

animal tattoos design

2.The choice of the animal is personal and depends primarily on the tastes of the one who will be tattooed.

simple animal tattoos

3.Drawing of a fish, more precisely a salmon, and a fishing rod.

animal tattoo drawing

4.Cats are very popular forĀ animals tattoos. This pretty cat carries the message “I’m always with you too” (I am, too, always with you).

pet animal tattoo

5.If you observe the tattoo, you will see that the quality and beauty of it are very high. Maybe we should consider getting more deer tattoos.

animal tattoo on hand

6.Impressive drawing of a tiger with teeth and tapered claws.

animal tattoo of a tiger

7.The dog is also a very popular animal in the world of tattoos. The bottom and top drawings represent dogs, both quite realistic.

animal tattoo of dog

8.The dog and the cat are the ultimate pets and, of course, they are among the first in the list of the most tattooed animals.

animal tattoos for guys

9.This girl is carrying a pig with wings on her arm. It is accompanied by the word “veg” below, a word that must have a special meaning for this girl.

animal tattoos for girls

10.Drawing of a cascabel snake, also called rattlesnake, which shows its fangs in a threatening and fierce posture. The choice of colors is realistic and the result is good.

animal tattoos for girls on back

11.A colorful drawing of a bird very curious and challenging: the hummingbird. It is accompanied by the message “I love you mom” (I love you mom).

animal tattoos for girls on hand

12.I admit that I never had a fly tattoo. Curious and original.

a small animal tattoo

13.A pretty tattoo of the portrait of a Husky Siberian dog, with one blue eye and the other brown.

animal tattoos for guys on forearm

14.Drawing of the silhouette of a wild boar species made with tribal style lines.

animal tattoos for guys on back side

15.A beautiful owl is depicted on the large tattoo worn by this person.

small animal tattoos for guys

16.A pretty and colorful peacock drawing. This animal, in addition to being beautiful, is very elegant on a tattoo.

a colorful peacock tattoo

17.This image is very pretty and touching. We see a lioness with her cub.

animals tattoo that symbolize bravery

18.This flying bird carries a book between his claws.

19.Parrots are also very funny birds. In tattoos, they usually have showy colors and rather aesthetic shapes.

a colorful animal tattoo

20.This animal has a certain fun touch and I would even dare to say that it is a rather childish drawing.

21.Drawing of a tiger whose spots form a very aesthetic relief.

animal tattoo hat symbolize danger

22.Amazing drawing of the head of a tiger accompanied by his three little tigers. You can also see a butterfly on one side of the back.

23.The giraffe is a slender and fun animal. The brown and green colors stand out from the drawing.

ziraffe animal tattoo

24.A pretty black kitten surrounded by red stars.

25.The horse is also one of the animals that attract the most sympathy. Here we can see the drawing of a rearing mare.

horse animal tattoo

26.Powerful drawing of a fierce wolf.

simple animal tattoo on hand

27.A colorful Tiger-Tattoo.

tiger animal tattoo

28.Drawing of a deer on the shoulder of this boy.

deer animal tattoo

29.As you can see, you have to let your imagination work and think about what defines you best. If you have doubts, these pictures will certainly help you to decide or, at least, to get a better idea of ??what you want or not for your tattoo.

a small animal tattoo

30.Abstract drawing of a kind of rabbit with fuzzy and unclear lines. It’s quite original.

a small colorful animal tattoo

31.Fun drawing of a cow coming out of the skin.

a colorful animal tattoo for men on forearm

32.Beautiful image of an owl colored with tones that give it a certain realism, which contributes to a successful result.

animal tattoo behind shoulder

33.A wolf coming out from between the branches in black tones with touches of sepia.

34.Drawing of three “Impressionist” style foxes, although instead of small dots, they are made of small stripes. They contain a touch of color.

35.The Koi fish (carp, in Japanese) is also one of the most tattooed animals because of their symbolism.

a colorful animal tattoo on hand

36.Image of the powerful message of a pig in a cage: “I am like you, I am not yours”.

37.Large tiger head that stands out against a green background that seems to represent grass.

cool animal tattoo on hand

38.A hummingbird is a good option, if you think to get a bird tattooed, it is filled with powerful meanings.

animal tattoo on back

39.Nice swallow drawing in blue and yellow tones.

40.A poor drawing of two heads of tigers of small dimensions, arranged in a strange way.

41.This mythological dragon covers the whole back of this boy.

animal tattoo behind back full covered

42.Image of an original animal, the momentum, little represented in the world of tattoos but whose result can be as good as that of the image.

43.Curious drawing of a crocodile with a red bow on the tail.

animal tattoo for women behind back

44.Image of a wolf coming out of the torn skins of this young man.

45.Cats on a background of the pink flower and colorful leaves. The black line is very good.

46.A roaring bear!

47.Beautiful elephant drawing.

48.Eagle head with an orange beak and blue and white plumage, very pretty.

animal tattoo on shoulder

49.Beautiful drawings of a bird and a fox with successful colors and very good details that give a final result of very good taste.

animal tattoo on both hands

50.A black raven resting on a branch.

Which design did you like most, tell us in the comment box and share this animal tattoo designs with your friends.




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